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The Arkansas Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (AR PDMP) has moved.

For patient look-up requests (query users), please visit the new site at the following link: https://arkansas.pmpaware.net.

Prescription Data submissions (uploaders) will be accepted through the Appriss Clearinghouse at https://pmpclearinghouse.net.

If you had a query account on the AR PDMP system, please check your email for information regarding access to the new website. If you are unable to locate the email, check your mailbox’s junk folder. If you need to create an account, please navigate to https://arkansas.pmpaware.net and click Create an Account.

If you require technical assistance, please contact support at 855-729-8917. If you have policy questions, you may contact the Arkansas Prescription Drug Monitoring Program at 501-683-3960 or by email at Jamie.turpin@arkansas.gov.

Please bookmark the new site(s) for future reference.


Frequently Asked Questions


I had a Requestor account on the previous system. Do I need to register for a new account on AWARxE?

No. Almost all Requester accounts were transferred to the new system. Your username is the email address that was on your account. Please use the "Reset Password" link on the PMP AWARxE site to create a new password. A reset password token will be emailed to you so you will simply follow the instructions in the email.


I've received an "email invalid" when attempting to register.

Due to security concerns, Appriss will NOT confirm the existence of an email. Therefore, if the email is already in use, we will respond with the "invalid email" message.


I received an email confirming that my account has been successfully transferred, but I cannot log into the new system.  What should I do?

Please use the "Reset Password" link on the PMP AWARxE site to create a new password. A reset password token will be emailed to you so you will simply follow the instructions in the email.


I am a delegate. Do I need to have my account approved by my supervisor again?

Yes. While the supervisor/delegate relationship was maintained when your account was moved to AWARxE, your supervisor will have to re-approve you to run requests on their behalf.



Can I complete part of my registration and finish it later?

Do not register for a new account if you had one on the previous system.

It is recommended that once you start the registration process you complete it.  There are three separate sections that must be completed before the user can successfully submit their registration for approval from the PMP Administrator.  If you do not complete all sections, you will need to start the process over.


Password reset emails not received

To reset your password, please utilize the following steps: If you do not receive the password reset email, please pay specific attention to the additional troubleshooting steps below.

1.    Navigate to the login page at https://arkansas.pmpaware.net/login

2.    Click the "Reset Password" Link.

3.    Enter your email address and click the "Request Password Reset" button.

a.    You should receive a confirmation message at the top of the page.

4.    Please be sure to close all open browser windows and tabs.

5.    Follow the link in your email to change your password and log in.


Additional Troubleshooting:

1.    If you do not receive the email within 10 minutes, please check your Junk, Spam, or Clutter folder.

2.    If the email is not found in your spam folder, please create a new contact in your address book for the following email addresses:

a.    no-reply-pmpaware@globalnotifications.com<mailto:no-reply-pmpaware@globalnotifications.com>

b.    noreply@globalnotifications.com<mailto:noreply@globalnotifications.com>

3.    Repeat steps 1-3 to request a new password reset email.


If the password reset link contained in the email is not clicked within 20 minutes, you may receive an "Invalid or Expired Token" error and will need to request a new password reset email.

If none of the above steps resolve your problem, please contact your IT department, Mail Server Administrator, or Internet Service Provider to ensure that a firewall or spam blocker is not interfering with receipt of messages from the above email addresses.


How to Update Your E-mail

  • Login to your account and go to "User Profile" -> "My Profile"
  • You should see two boxes that read "Change Email" and "Re-enter Email". 
  • If you see these fields, you can change your e-mail address by inputting it into both boxes, then hitting the blue "Save Changes" button at the bottom-right of the page.
  • If you do NOT see these fields, you will need to call your state administrator to update your e-mail address.




Arkansas’s Electronic Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) was authorized in 2011 by Arkansas State Legislature Act 304.  

The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) oversees the operation of the PMP and has selected Appriss Health to develop a database that will collect and store prescribing and dispensing data for controlled substances in Schedules II, III, IV, and V and any other drugs specified by Arkansas law as amended. Appriss Health's PMP AWARxE is a Web-based program that facilitates the collection, analysis, and reporting of information on the prescribing, dispensing, and use of controlled substance prescription drugs.

Arkansas law requires that each dispenser shall submit, by electronic means, information regarding each prescription dispensed for a controlled substance.  Each time a controlled substance is dispensed to an individual, the dispenser shall submit the information required by Arkansas law to the central repository weekly for the previous week, Sunday through Saturday.

The ADH shall establish and maintain procedures to ensure that the privacy, confidentiality, and security of patient information collected, recorded, transmitted, and maintained is not disclosed except as provided in Act 304.


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